Konnichiwa and Annyeong Haseyo minna-san

Konnichiwa and Annyeong Haseyo minna-san

Hope that's correct above but what I'm saying is welcome everyone. May 10, 2019 is the first day of this blog and many may know me from 'Nao Kanzaki and Friends'... aitoda.com. There I have such a mix of things and finally decided to branch out with just a blog devoted to Japanese and Korean dramas. Will also be having some film reviews but one thing you won't see are any J-Pop idols or gravure models except for their dramas, this blog is dedicated 100% to dramas and films.

Also actresses as will be having many, many posts for them. Such as them appearing at events, mag spreads, interview pics and whatever else. So you should be seeing a lot of my bigger long time faves such as Erika Toda, Park Min-Young, Lee Yeon-Hee, Tsubasa Honda and too many others to count.

News and upcoming projects

News and upcoming projects

Should have done this on my Aitoda blog which is to let viewers know what's going on. Seems like a good way to let everyone know if I'll be taking a break, what to look forward to and any other tidbits.

Updating update, May 19th:

Whew, have finally finished transferring over enough posts from the Aitoda blog. May be a few here and there in the future for some new that's being introduced but there shouldn't be too many. Have also included announcers for women that I'll be posting about as my top two current faves just happen to be in that profession.

The first five episodes of '3-Nen A Gumi' have now been posted. For series over five shows will be doing two batches of them as I figure ten posts are way too many to read through during one sitting so will have the second half of the drama coming up in 2-3 weeks, highly recommend the show.

June 4th.... Have written up the recaps for episodes 7 and 8 of the '3-Nen A Gumi' show and will have those long with episode eight by June 6th. Up next for Korean dramas is up in the air but leaning towards a pair of shorter series which will be either "Splish Splash Love" or "The Universe's Star".

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Hikaru Takahashi: Her soon to be legendary second intro post!!!!


 Know that above pic was in her first post but it's so darn terrific had to have it again! Was going to wait a few more days before doing this second post but am taking tomorrow off so try to leave you viewers with at least two posts though there are over 8,000 others to check out! Hikaru will not be one of the more popular women here but I was pleased with how many views that first post has received in just a few days, I'm really going to enjoy doing posts for her and hope it's quite a few!

 Whew, can see her becoming a huge fave of mine very quickly! Did say in that first post Hikaru is one busy woman as she appears at so many events plus does quite a bit of modeling work though her main job is as an actress. Also said in her first post that she's in a current drama that still has five episodes to go, she has the lead role and think I will end up recapping that series once it's complete. Plus mentioned in that first post that Hikaru is a tall woman at 169 cm or 66 inches, it's not all of them but most actresses seem to be much taller than J-Pop Idols. This will be should the same size of her first post, about 55 photos and tend to make these intro ones a tad smaller as to stretch them out.

 The thing about doing posts for actresses is that they tend to have a good variety of things but to my frustration have been unable to do as many as I could do years ago. First up are these IG pics from the second half of 2023, that first pic is so fabulous and the bottom two were from an event that was in Hikaru's first post.

 Hikaru does do quite a bit of modeling but like many others doesn't tend to stay with one site or magazine for more than a year. However she has been a model for the Ray magazine for exactly five years, some superb pics from their site.

 There weren't too many mag spreads last year but there are many still from 2022 to post, Hikaru is just 22 so won't be going back any further than that year for her things. Will have a pair of 2022 spreads today with the first set being from Young Jump #45 that came out in November and it had outtake pics from her second photobook.

 Slightly larger set here and Hikaru was the cover girl for the April 12, 2022 issue of Flash, while not a huge amount of spreads she often is the cover girl.

 The next 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show will be held on March 2nd, Hikaru will be there so should have a post for her a few days later. This batch here is from the September 2, 2023 Autumn TGC show and to me these are the top pics from any fashion show last year, WOW!!!! Doesn't Hikaru look amazing(yes!) but the sad part about it is that her stroll only lasted for seventeen seconds so won't have a video, grrrrrrr!!!!

 Will end off with even more event pics and she does appear at so many which is why I'm confident her posts will appear on a consistent basis. This event took place on June 6th of last year, Hikaru was at a Haier event to promote some of their new Coru fridges and freezers, I may need a freezer to cool down after her posts! Hikaru did seem to know a lot about foods and cooking, have plenty of super duper pics from the event that's followed by a video from it.

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